Instagram Limits Access to Third Party Apps After Facebook Data Scandal

Instagram gets hard and limits the access of external apps to your data. Surely on Facebook there are many executives concerned about the impact that the scandal of the Cambridge Analytics case has had . Even the statements of its head, Mark Zuckerberg , have not served to cushion the cascade of discredit on the company.

Instagram Limits Access to Third Party Apps After Facebook Data Scandal

Instagram limits access to third party apps after facebook scandal

Just like this saying “when you see your neighbours cutting their beards, put yours to soak”. This is what they have thought about Instagram since they have radically changed their relationship with third-party applications.

The most intense users of this secure social network use applications that serve to gain followers or know which hashtags are the most used. These will be those who see their experience harmed by the change that the company applied last Friday.

A limitation that reduces the interconnection between apps by 96%

Until a few days ago developers who wanted to use the Instagram API to create applications that interacted with this service had the possibility of making up to 5000 requests per hour. Since that day the limit has been set at 200, which is 4% of the previous volume.This will make the apps become much slower and wait between the different actions that we can execute.Many developers have complained about the measure and others have at least not been notified in advance to be able to modify their applications before users start reporting failures.

In addition, the developer program has been paused, allowing new apps that made use of the Instagram API to be reviewed.This measure is temporary but the company does not want to run the risk of having a new scandal similar to Cambridge Analytics. In addition there will be changes in the future so it is not safe to keep the ecosystem of third-party apps that gave information on Instagram profiles.

This is not a collateral damage, but something that the company actively seeks, preventing you from creating access to data that they themselves do not give and that could nevertheless pose a problem.

A much more closed platform :
Instagram has been turning a few years towards a service in which developers have much less to say . It is something similar to what we saw at the time with Twitter, which after benefiting from an explosion of third-party clients limited its API to control the experience.

There are not many alternative Instagram clients but on Facebook they are clear that they can not afford Instagram, even remotely, something similar to what they are living.

At the moment neither the photography platform nor WhatsApp have been damaged in their brand image but being part of Facebook as a corporation makes them be in the spotlight.