Facebook Lite apk : Download Facebook Lite Apk for Android

Facebook Lite apk is an application developed by the Facebook for the users who has slow internet connections. Earlier, Facebook was available only on the desktop with the website version only, but a few years back when they launched the mobile application on Facebook, it became somewhat, popular then. So, previously the user can not use the Facebook mobile app on a slow internet connection as many of the people live in a slow internet connection area that’s why Facebook recently launch their new application for slow internet users called Facebook Lite.

Facebook Lite is just the lite version of the Facebook app and is only the size of 1mb, and it will work in any small memory device too. Also, Facebook Lite Apk is very useful and ideal application for the people who have a slow internet connection.

Facebook Lite is available for each and every Android device. So, now with Facebook Lite, a user can easily get stay updated with their friends, family even with a slow internet connection. With Facebook Lite, the user can receive notification, see the news feed updates and send messages and do all the stuff what the user can do on a standard facebook application.

How to Download the Facebook Lite Apk on the Android Device:

facebook lite apk download

To download the Facebook lite apk download on the Android device just follow these simple steps-

  • First, go to any browser on the device and go to the official website of the Facebook.
  • As the site opens, there is an option that pops up to download the “Facebook lite Apk”
  • Then just simply download the application apk.
  • If the device shows any notification or popup like “Installation Blocked” or something like that message then just simply opens the “Settings” on the Android device by clicking on the Settings icon from the menu bar.
  • Now under settings click the “Security” option. On the security option, there is an option for unknown sources.
  • Just enable the “Unknown Sources”, then they are ready to go.
  • Now the user can just install the facebook Lite Apk file on their Android device.

Features of Facebook Lite Apk for Android devices:

Facebook Lite apk has some excellent features such as.

  • Facebook Lite apk contains all the elements which are provided in the standard Facebook application.
  • With Facebook Lite the user can access their Facebook account and all of its features even on a slow internet connection.
  • The user can create group, page, share, like and upload photos.
  • Just like the standard Facebook application, Facebook Lite apk also allows the user to send a message to their contacts and do chat with their friends.
  • Facebook lite apk is 1 MB in size, which installs very quickly and will save the Internet bandwidth and phone memory of the user.
  • Facebook Lite apk allows the users to do everything that they can do up with the regular Facebook application.
  • The facebook lite apk works on all Android devices.
  • This application is merely designed and made for 2G network and unstable network connections.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why the size of the application is so small?

As we all know that this is the lite version of facebook. So, it is made up in such way that it takes less internet connection and space on the device. So the components and module of this application are compressed although it has all the features which the Facebook application provides.

  • What are the features that the Facebook Lite application provide?

Facebook Lite application provide all the information that the standard application is providing. The user can chat, share, like, react, make a group or a page, etc . This application is built with all the features.


There is nothing more special about Facebook Lite, except that its size is only 1 MB and can help the users to use the Facebook in unstable connections too. It’s easy to be fooled by the little size of the package. But do not be fooled. The power and features within the Facebook Lite  Apk equal that of its much bigger app.

Facebook Lite Apk also provides the capability of messenger without the requirement of the Facebook Messenger app to be installed separately to that of the main Facebook app. So although it is designed more specifically for older devices with slow internet connectivity.